Marble Surface


Hi! We’re a group of senior high school students. We founded this project called 'Youth Palette' that's all about celebrating young local creatives and artists, furthermore giving the youth a platform to voice themselves authentically and a chance to be part of a printed publication that contributes back to the community.


The main product we are launching is an art collection book. This first collection focuses on self, life experiences, and intrinsics of the youth. You can be featured in this publication and receive a certificate for your contribution. We accept a wide range of art forms. We have different topics/prompts for artists to choose from, which will be the different chapters of our book. Sign-up to be one of our artists. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2022.


The proceeds will be donated to Epic Arts, an arts organization and charity based in Kampot, Cambodia that empowers and offers youth with learning disabilities creative educational programs and other opportunities to express themselves within a supportive community.